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"Fighting vitamin ex deficiency one MWR at a time!"

How do I get vitamin ex?

walkingLike smokers trying to quit, most people with vitamin ex deficiency have tried, probably more than once, to start getting an adequate dose. They have nearly endless reasons for their failure.
However, there really is only one. They donít have a vitamin ex habit; and as any doctor will tell you, getting someone to change or create a habit is the hardest thing a person can do. The couch potato can tell themselves it will make them look and feel better (I want to), it will make them healthier (I ought to), they will die if they donít (I have to), but until they do it because they are used to doing it almost without thinking their grip on vitamin ex will be tenuous and short lived.
The key to getting your vitamin ex is to create a habit. The key to creating a habit is to count yourself healthy.

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