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"Fighting vitamin ex deficiency one MWR at a time!"

How do you maintain ?

If one is going to create a habit, any habit, they need to know where they are going and keep track of their progress until they get there. Therefore, in order to know you are fulfilling your vitamin ex requirement, you have to count your progress

Counting accomplishes four very important objectives:

  1. Counting tells you how much you have done.
  2. It is a reminder of what you have done and what you have to do. Counting puts vitamin ex on your to-do list each and every week.
  3. Counting up each mile you invest in your personal health is a mini-reward for kicking the sedentary lifestyle habit and creating a happier, healthier you. It reinforces your behavior and gives you a pat on the back each mile, each week you achieve your MWR.
  4. Counting allows you a maximum of flexibility from day to day and week to week so you can fit your exercise to your schedule and not the other way around

Counting is the secret to creating a successful vitamin ex habit. In fact, if you donít count it you wonít do it. Counting is just as important as doing!

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