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"Fighting vitamin ex deficiency one MWR at a time!"

About vitamin ex

Substance that in small quantities is essential to normal metabolism.

The vitamin ex, Count Yourself Healthy program uses vitamin ex as a metaphor for exercise because exercise like more conventional vitamins is essential for normal metabolism. Whenever you see vitamin ex we are talking about exercise.

The purpose of the program is three fold.

  1. To help you understand just how important exercise is for normal health. (See "Why is it so important?")
  2. To give you a specific prescription, Minimum Weekly Requirement or MWR, of vitamin ex. (See "How much do you need?")
  3. To give you a method and tools to help you start and maintain a vitamin ex habit for the rest of your life. (See "How do I get it?", "How do you maintain ?" and "Count yourself healthy")

75% of Americans are vitamin ex deficient. This is the third leading cause of preventable death in this country behind smoking and obesity. Through your participation in this program you can make yourself happier, healthier, and do your part to eliminate this vitamin ex, one MWR at a time.