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"Fighting vitamin ex deficiency one MWR at a time!"

Count yourself healthy

First, you have decided when you want your aerobic week to start. Then when you start your week you count any minimum of 10 minutes of walking or other aerobic activity toward your 12 miles for that week. This should be for the purpose of getting vitamin ex and therefore, over and above your usual daily activity. This provides you with a manageable number of recognizable increments to count. You can use the interactive counter to keep track of your progress. In addition to providing you all the advantages of counting, each week you complete your MWR that will be credited to the vitamin ex universal tally and showing that you are doing your part to eliminate vitamin ex deficiency.

The counter works this way. Each box represents 20 minutes or a mile. For each 20 minutes of walking you put an X in one box. If you do ten minutes you put a horizontal bar. Using the grid below if you started your week by walking 30 minutes your grid would look like this.

Full daily amount Half daily amount        

If you walked another 40 minutes the next day it would look like this and you would be well on your way to your MWR of vitamin ex.

Full daily amount Full daily amount Full daily amount Half daily amount    

If your week starts on Saturday morning then by midnight Friday night you should have an X in each box in your grid. If you do more than twelve miles in a week, good for you, but donít carry over your excess into the next week. Each week starts with a clean grid.

There are only three caveats to fitting vitamin ex into your schedule.

  1. No more than four miles a day.
  2. No more than 7 miles in two consecutive days.
  3. No more than two consecutive days without vitamin ex.

You can use our online counter to conveniently keep track of your daily miles.

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Our interactive counter helps you to keep track of your vitamin ex "consumption". Conversion tables help you to switch different exercises according to the weather, the season etc. Participate in our online forum to exchange experiences with other vitamin ex members.

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